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Basic Digital Marketing Frameworks to Guide Your Digital Journey

Kamal Aryal May 20, 2022

Since the dawn of mankind, there have been various changes along time and most of them have been for good. 

On a similar note, Marketing has also adapted to the change of the wind. The marketing sector is now transformed into digital Marketing along with the audience. 

Marketing is all about reach and audiences and where the audience shifts towards, the direction of Marketing also bends. From spam links to implementing new strategies to complete the branding process, Marketing has come a long way.

Why do you need a solid Digital Marketing Strategy?

In the era of competition, you need to remain up to date with the ongoing trends of the market. There are several guidelines you can use to guide your Digital Marketing Journey. If you want to systematize your marketing process, you can work with the existing frameworks. 

These frameworks have guided many brands into success and hope they will be a great help to you too. These frameworks are different from each other and each one of them serves a different purpose. 

Let’s hop into some of the most commonly used frameworks in Digital Marketing. 

  1. RACE Planning

RACE is a mnemonic that is short for Reach, Act, Convert, Engage. The enlisted steps are what will boost your business. 

→ Reach:- Every bit of business depends upon the reach of the product to the targeted customers. The traffic of your brand’s website, external links can be the factors to determine the Reach. 

→ Act: Commonly referred to as Interaction, this step involves motivating customers to take action on the Website or Social Media. Factors like bounce rate, total time spent on the site, sign-ups help to determine this. 

 →Convert Nothing matters at the end of the reach isn’t converted well. The leads obtained, conversion rate, sales can be taken as indicators to measure this. 

→Engage: This step particularly involves relationship building with the customers. Customer Churn rate, repeated customer can be seen to measure this index. 

RACE is one of the most used Digital Marketing strategies because it identifies the key activities in each step.

2. Marketing Funnel

This is another strategy yet of the same importance commonly implemented in Digital Marketing. While defining this strategy, This is a specific framework in Digital Marketing Which puts the customer as the main aspect. 

There are basically four stages in this marketing strategy:

  • Awareness

→ In this stage, the ad or your product is seen by the potential customer through any of the channels. 

  • Interest

When the customers see your brand on the market, they start to develop an interest in you and conduct research online.

  • Consideration

→  When the customer sees your brand they will acknowledge you as the ultimate solution for their problem. 

  • Action

→ After some consideration, the customer finalizes you as the ultimate solution and consumes your product. 

As discussed above, Out of many frameworks, these two are the ones which are implemented by topmost brands. They are used widely in the field of Digital Marketing solely because of the results they obtain.

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