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The New Trend of Digital Marketing In Nepal- 2023

Kamal Aryal November 21, 2022

 Digital marketing has become a more affordable alternative to conventional business promotion through traditional marketing. Combining traditional marketing with digital marketing produces better results as it provides greater exposure for your products and services.

Some of the most common digital marketing services in Nepal are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO
  • Website Design
  • Online advertising
  • Keyword research
  • Online brand management

Social media marketing

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are a few of the well-known social media platforms. However social media marketing options also include LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more.

With millions of users across various social media, there are groups and networks for almost any niche. Many small and big businesses have successfully taken advantage of social media such as Facebook pages, Linkedin Groups, and Twitter updates and so can your business.

You can easily use social media to spread the word about your business to existing and potential customers. Social media marketing is best digital marketing method to build your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Though Google is the most used Search Engine, many internet users also use Yahoo and Bing. Statistics show the majority of visitors use the search results from the first SERP. So, not being on the top of search results will significantly reduce the chances of visitors coming to your website. Building a Search Engine Optimized website is hence critical for the success of a business.

 The factors that affect the SEO of a Website are:

  1. Keyword Analysis and Implementation
  2. META tags Optimization
  3. Content Optimization 
  4. Links Optimization 
  5. Reviews and Traffic

You can find a variety of SEO agencies in Nepal but choosing the best result-oriented agency takes research and effort.

Web Design

A Website must contain Search Friendly Design Factors. Failure to do so results in websites that cannot be found and ranked in search engines.

To ensure that the website can be searched for and accessible by both potential customers and search engines, web developers— designers, programmers,  and marketers—must collaborate. 

Online advertising

  • Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is a powerful and economical way to speak directly to the target audience. Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are two of the most well-known PPC channels. In PPC ads, which stand for pay-per-click, you essentially pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. If you like, you can also choose to advertise to maximize impressions.

  • The Targeted Sponsored Ads

Search engines such as Google allow business advertisers to put ads on their search results on AdWords. The rule is, the higher you bid, the higher your ad will rank.

Through a system called AdSense, Website owners can also put relevant Google Ads on their websites as publishers. Similarly, Facebook allows advertisers to put ads based on the target demographics or psychographics, such as interest, age, location, gender, etc.

Keyword Research:

 Study shows 90% of visitors can be gained from search engines alone by targeting the “RIGHT KEYWORDS”. Targeting the wrong keywords will result in very limited visitors through search engines, or even blacklisting. Finding & targeting the right keywords is very important to bring traffic to your website.

Keyword Factors

Keywords are the query words that your target customers are searching for. Finding the right keywords that can help customers find your product, service or business is important for the success every business. Keyword research includes knowing the pattern of queries used by your and your competitor’s customers. 

Right keywords lead to good content for your website. This results in better SEO and better search results for the website. Many online businesses make the mistake of targeting too broad keywords or too narrow keywords or the wrong keywords.

Online Brand Management

There are similarities as well as differences in building brand portfolios online and offline. 

Online you are constantly exposed to millions of internet users. Your brand should be positioned such that your target audience can simply contact you via any platform they choose. It’s crucial to manage your brand’s image because it helps you keep the customers you already have and at the same time attract new customers.

Using these digital marketing strategies and plans you can improve your online presence drastically. As more people become aware of your business and your products/services, your chances of selling them will increase. Get the breakthrough your business needs with the help of a Digital Marketing agency in Nepal.

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