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Sales and Marketing tips that no one actually spills

Kamal Aryal September 21, 2021

So you are planning on opening a business? Or let me guess, you want to increase your sales? 

One important thing to know before we get onto how we can lure in customers is “think like a customer.” Of course, we shop too, it’s not like we were never a customer to anyone, and this is the advantage we have as the owner or marketing strategist because we know what we want and what everyone falls for most of the time inside a market. 

The most commonly used trick we see is a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) strategy. When I used to be a naive little human being, I always thought it was hitting an expiry date, or it was not selling much, to begin with, so I always rushed to buy it. I mean, which stupid would leave this good offer? 

But, let me tell you a secret here that I learned. When you are putting a BOGO tag, you will not be getting any loss or giving out stuff for free. When you add an offer of free stuff with another product, keep the price the same, but the customers will be illusioned that they are getting a free product while the reality is that you are just making them believe in what they want and making them buy an extra one too. Sometimes, they will arrive at your door to buy something at a low price but will buy your product of BOGO offer because who will leave a free offer even if it’s expensive? 

Another similar strategy is putting a half-price or discount on a product if the customer buys another product. To make it simple, imagine one customer is here to buy a bottle of juice but sees an offer that a packet of an expensive biscuit will have 40% off along with their juice. The customer will for sure rush and buy it because they are getting it at a lower price.  Now, here is our point of view, the customer never intended to buy that packet of biscuits but because of the discount he got along with the juice, he didn’t want to let go of this offer. This clever strategy will outcome in extra cash handed over to you and a naive smile from your customer. 

Let me spill to you one of the greatest secrets of supermarkets while we are on it. I call this strategy a maze because they style their interior like a maze where a person has to pass through most of the aisle and look at other products before reaching the one they came in for in the first place. You can use this maze interior if you have a large area for your business. Your customer will visit every aisle and will fill their basket with other stuff they like along the way until they reach their desired product. But this will have a huge flaw, a customer who has mastered your maze and can get their product without exploring. Worry not because I have another secret for you to keep your maze fun and ongoing. You can rearrange your products now and then so that your customers will keep exploring your market products.

One important tip you should never forget in marketing; keep good stuff at the eye level of your customers. It is because most of the time, people choose not to look at other places. You can keep your low-price products on those top and bottom parts of the aisle and stack the expensive and eye-appealing stuff at the eye-level shelves. This trick works best when you want to sell a few products that were already hard to put on sale due to price comparison with other products. 

In the end, what can you do more you may ask? When your customers are waiting to check out their stuff, lure them with all the chocolates, candies, and other shiny products until they check out. What I mean here is that you should keep a stack of small and alluring stuff that your customers cannot resist while waiting awkwardly in line. It brings in small cash to your counter and maybe a small sugar to your customer.  It’s a win-win situation in the end, isn’t it?

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