Network Security

With all your essential data flowing over network, OnlineZeal makes sure they have the best network security in Kathmandu.

Network security helps keep your proprietary information private and secured. It helps target a wide range of threats and stops them from spreading on your network. We enforce the best network security in Kathmandu always implementing policy and controls. We provide these services to protect the company’s internal infrastructures from unwanted and unauthorized access, mishandlings, and attacks. There have been a lot of recent cases of cyber-attack in Kathmandu. We evaluate the security of your network connections to implement firewalls and other hardware or software security factors for protection of your personal/company data at OnlineZeal. We make sure the threats like malware and phishing are detectable and preventable. Network Security is one of the mandatory service that an IT company should provide and we, at OnlineZeal assure to meet the client’s privacy needs to secure their network and infrastructures. In case of Network Security in Kathmandu, it is  difficult to preserve data integrity from unauthorized access, but our team of experienced members will help you keep check on your data security thereby protecting your reputation. With the hackers getting better each day around the world and even Kathmandu, we make sure our network security methodologies are updated and unbreakable.