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The Boom of Domestic Tourism with Social Media

Kamal Aryal November 02, 2022

We have all witnessed a boom in domestic tourism in recent years. Various reasons like the increase in per capita income of people, the development of transportation infrastructure, and love for traveling have made some contributions but we all can agree that social media played a vital role in this.

With the rise of technological advancement, every person has a smartphone in their hands and access to the internet. This has created a buzz on the social media network as many people like to share what they have done or where they have traveled.

Social Media in Domestic Tourism :

For a country with an abundance of picturesque natural destinations and landmarks with cultural heritages, various hotels, and travel companies have adapted Social Media to lure in more tourists creating awareness and popularity of tourist destinations among Nepalis.

For instance, thanks to social media, Manungkot became viral and received a recent explosion of domestic tourists.   

Social Media endorses the services and goods that the Tourism Industry has to offer with advertisements on digital channels. It enables them to get information about the place and check out the places with the touch of a button on their phones simplifying and changing the way of travelling.

The Boom of Domestic Tourism :

Domestic Tourism accounted for 56% of the total revenue of the tourism industry in 2018.  Furthermore after the pandemic, as a consequence of the travel restrictions, international tourists resisted travel, shifting the focus of the industry to domestic tourists.

The popularity of places and activities on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. was acknowledged by the industry and made affordable tour packages for domestic tourists. It is evident with the skies of Pokhara full of people paragliding and the white water rivers with rafting boats among many other such activities.

The number of families and groups of friends exploring the nation because of awareness of the places and ease of the process via Social Media is growing with time leading to the conservation and overall development, reviving many destinations, and creating employment, together with economic activities.

While Social Media targets both international as well as domestic tourists with a single arrow, the tourism industry should continue developing its presence through Social Media while creating a reliable and welcoming atmosphere for all. 

Various marketing techniques are evolving these days like influencer marketing, moment marketing, Video marketing etc.

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