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Moment Marketing: A Next Level Marketing Tool

Kamal Aryal January 23, 2022

Moment marketing is the concept of Marketing at the right moment. Think of any advertisements that you might have seen related to the current context or ongoing trends. 

Well, Let me help you. Recently, A NETFLIX Documentary ‘14 Peaks’ got popular quickly because many brands adopted this movie and used it as a marketing tool. 

Talking about being popular, you might have seen famous Amul’s Girl in many ads. Amul has been using that iconic girl on every occasion possible. It always comes outright and you can see it for yourself.

That’s What Moment Marketing is. Living in the moment and connecting with the audience at the right time.


We all live in the era of technology, and marketing in this era has changed a lot in these past years. No matter the changes, Getting to know the audience and connecting with the right time has always been proven to be fruitful. 

  • It helps to reach to  audience quickly

If your product is able to reach a large mass of people then it is sure to perform well in sales because marketing is all about reach.

  • Proven to be Cost Effective

With the help of Moment Marketing, your product will be easy to advertise and will gain popularity with fewer expenses. Marketing is really expensive nowadays. As a result, brands spend tons of their funds in order to be visible and to gain popularity.

  • Audience love Humor

Most of the moment marketing includes either jokes or humor. This helps to connect with the audience faster as they will enjoy the content. 

Despite having tons of benefits, we don’t see many mainstream brands adopting moment marketing in today’s market. 

Brands Using Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing has been an essential tool in the field of marketing and it has been seen in practice for many years. Its rapid growth is what makes it more applicable. 

Big Brands like Zomato, Netflix, Amul, Uber, Burger King, Dominos, are big fans of this strategy. As a result, have been using moment marketing as their main form of marketing

Use of Moment Marketing in Digital Marketing

Living in the digital era, We spend a lot of our usual time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

They are a perfect platform for brands to reach their potential audiences so that’s where Digital Marketing aids your marketing and products reach. In the marketing sector, a product’s reach is what all matters at the end of the day. Moment Marketing is all about marketing the right thing at the right time.

This helps form a deeper connection with audiences over the long term. Digital Marketers always find new ways to connect with their audience and moment marketing helps them achieve that.

We all can agree on how the ‘Black Lives matter’ human rights campaign attracted many big brands like Pepsi, Google Nike, Netflix, and many more.

Brands who care about the customers and always put customers in their priority always win in the market even at the hardest times. Recently, many big brands offered their affection amidst the pandemic and the ‘Black lives matter’ campaign. 

In the end, it’s all about capturing the moment and using the moment to publicize your brand. Many brands succeed when they use this form of marketing and some don’t. 

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