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How to Read Blogs Skillfully

Sailaj Pradhanang November 08, 2022

If you are here, you already know how to read blogs. But do you know how to read them skillfully? How you read influences how much knowledge you accumulate from the text. Most people never reflect on their own reading skills. Without good reading skills you may read widely but you cannot read well. It is possible to go through a lot of popular blogs and get nothing out of the content. If you want to read well you need to put in the mental effort. 

How You Read Matches Why You’re Reading

There are various kinds of reading; Comics & Memes are read mainly for pleasure & entertainment, newspapers and notices are read for information, textbooks and scientific reports for understanding & knowledge. 

The most sophisticated level of reading is not the same as reading for pleasure or for following instructions, but the highest level of reading helps to answer questions like what is the text all about: what its connections are with other facts, in what respects is it the same, in what respects is it different, and so forth.

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The Four Levels of Reading

Elementary Reading

Elementary reading is  about learning to identify alphabets to get a simple understanding of what the sentence means.

This level of reading is not just for school kids, in fact anybody learning a foreign language needs to start at this level.  

Inspectional Reading

Inspectional reading aims to find what a blog is all about. This type of reading has two subtypes- systematic skimming, and superficial reading. 

First, you glance through the topic, headings, and subheadings and get an idea of what the text is about and what is the position/view of the author on the subject matter. This helps you decide if you want to spend the time reading the whole content and to determine if the content is useful to you. 

The next phase in inspectional reading involves just speed reading through the content without thinking through every point the author is trying to make. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not, you simply move along. Inspectional reading gives you the gist of things.

Analytical Reading:

Analytical reading will take a lot of time and effort and is suited if you want to understand the topic in depth. In analytical reading, you need to ask many questions about the text you are reading, and you have to organize your thoughts in a systematic fashion.

Only read content analytically if the blog is worth it. Ask yourself what problem or problems the author is trying to solve and how he reached a particular conclusion.

You will comprehend the author’s viewpoint properly after engaging in analytical reading.

Syntopical Reading

With analytical reading you only have one piece of the puzzle, to comprehend the complete broader subject you need syntopical reading. You read many blogs on the same subject and compare and contrast the ideas presented, the vocabulary used to define elements, and the way arguments are presented. At the end, you form an intelligent opinion by analyzing all the information you have gathered.

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Becoming a Demanding Reader

Reading is all about asking and answering the right questions in the right order.

There are four major questions you should ask of any blog:

What is the subject of this blog?

What is being said in detail, and how is it being said?

Is this blog true in its entirety or in part?

How does this blog compare with similar blog examples?

If all of this sounds like hard work, you’re right. Most people won’t do it. That’s what will set you apart. Remember, whoever has the understanding has the advantage.  

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